Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church (JMBC) was established in Houston County in 1879, under the leadership of Rev. Davis. The church started in a bush harbor and then God blessed the small congregation to build a wood building which served as a school and a church for our ancestors.

Pastors that served at JMBC

  • Rev. Robert Berry
  • Rev Matt Duffie
  • Rev. G.G. Taylor
  • Rev. Monroe Gibson
  • Rev. George Jackson
  • Rev E.D. White
  • Rev. Aaron Calloway
  • Rev. Bennie Johnson
  • Rev. H.L. Lindsey
  • Rev. Robert Brooks, Jr.
  • Rev. Kelson Brooks

Past Assistance Pastors

  • Rev. James Halsem
  • Rev. Tommy Copeland
  • Rev. Lee Wornum

Under the leadership of Rev. R. B. Brooks several deacons were ordained

  • Deacon Kelson Brooks
  • Deacon James Haslem
  • Deacon T.Z. Collins
  • Deacon George Halliburton
  • Deacon Chatman Curtis
  • Deacon Eddie Tharpe
  • Deacon Neal Tharpe
  • Deacon Connell McCaa
  • Deacon James Davis
  • Deacon Charles Wright
  • Deacon Sylvester Turner
  • Deacon Kelly Dawsey

Rev. R.B. Brooks loved the youth, under his leadership the Youth Department was established. He also stood up the Gospel Choir. After 39 years of faithful service Rev. R. B. Brooks passed away.

In 1998, Rev. Kelson Brooks was called to pastor. Rev. Kelson Brooks served as pastor for 18 years and was a dedicated and loving pastor. Under his leadership, the renovations were completed, and the Shepard Boyz Male choir was established as well as the Crusaders. Under the leadership of Rev. Kelson Brooks several deacons were ordained/appointed:

  • Dec Malcom Coleman
  • Dec Leroy Goolsby
  • Dec Curtis Thomas

Current officers

JMBC Current Leadership Team is as follows:

JMBC Pastor: Rev. Dr. Christopher West
Associate Minister: Ricky Manning
Youth Minister: Ulysius McGhee
Assocaite Minister: Peg Lewis
Associate Minister: Jackie Scott
Chairman of Deacon Ministry: Deacon Connell McCaa
Vice Chairman of Deacon Ministry: Deacon Leroy Goolsby
Church Mother: Mother Ethel Robinson
Mother’s Ministry: Mother Elizabeth Jackson, Mother Julia Mae Jackson, Mother Sarah Frances Latimore
Women’s President: Sister Etta Davis
Deaconess President: Sister Lula Womack
Mission Ministry President: Sister Marlene Turner
Church Administrator: Sister Evelyn McCaa
Church Secretary: Sister Javonna Latimore
Assistant Church Secretary: Sister Melinda Latimore
Treasurer: Brother Danny Harris
Assistant Treasurer: Sister Faye Jones
Reporter: Sister Mary Jackson
Shepherd Boyz (Male Choir) President: Deacon James Davis
Youth Director:Sister RaShonda Jackson
Little JMBC Little Angle Praise Dancers:Sister RaShonda Jackson
JMBC Angelic Praise Dancers : Sister RaShonda Jackson
Youth Reporter: Sister Kamaya Jackson
Youth Choir Director: Sister Regina Harris and Sister Sherlyn Jones
Usher’s President: Carlos Jackson
Sr. Choir President: Deacon Sylvester Turner
Sound Team Lead: Brother Carlton McGhee
Kitchen Ministry Leader: Atavita Dinkins
Mass Choir Ministry Leader: Regina Harris
Single's Ministry: Sister RaShonda Jackson
Men's Ministry : Associate Minister Ricky Manning and Brother Michael Brooks